Vincent McEveety


From my verified Zillow reviews:

"I've worked with Vince on multiple occasions and I have to say he's the best. I've grown to really trust him through some very difficult transactions and he's always seen us through. He's a really great guy and he's somebody you can count on. I highly recommend working with Vince. If you're a first time buyer, homeowner or you're just looking for yourself....  give Vince a call."

"Due to a very erratic trustee and the many obstacles thrown up we had a long and difficult escrow. Vincent guided us through it and overcame every obstacle. With his knowledge and expertise he was able to get the sale recorded and closed despite the efforts on the part of the trustee to delay it as long as possible. His constant even tempered nature and calm demeanor kept the situation from escalating and made us feel calm as well. He maintained cordial relations with the seller's broker throughout."

"I called Vince when I saw his advertising for a home in which I was interested. He was very forthcoming with current information; we talked about my situation; wants and needs, area, etc. After our initial conversation, Vince shortly called me back with several recommendations for me to consider. The very next day we had an appointment in which he picked me up and showed me several suitable homes. I was extremely impressed by his market knowledge, his timeliness and most of all because of his tremendous understanding of my needs. He is a gentleman, first class. He doesn't have any arrogance about him; instead has tremendous presence and knowledge - what he doesn't know he readily admits and finds the answer immediately. I was also impressed at how safe I felt with him and the fact that he has all the electronic goodies at his command and knows how to use them for maximum results. I really could not recommend him more highly for anyone's real estate needs. He made me feel like I was his only client every single time we talked or got together. He was so helpful and kind. I really, really like Vince very much."

"Vince was our realtor for the purchase of our home. He spent a lot of hours working with us and it paid off! He took the time to understand us and our needs. He asked targeted questions to help focus the properties for us to view. Having been born and raised in L.A. and having lived in many areas of the county, Vince had a strong knowledge of a large number of communities. He was also very up-front about all aspects of compensation and legal components, and has maintained contact in the years following the purchase. We would definitely seek him for any future transactions."

"Vince was a great help, very professional, but personable.vince was very helpful in our short sale. He took care of all the paperwork dealing with the bank, which took the stress off of us. He was always available for any questions regarding the mass of paperwork. He also showed our home as requested, no pressure."